Abbott Continues to Fight Against Sensible Public Health Measures Even As COVID-19 Vaccine Gains FDA Approval

AUSTIN, Texas — One week after Gov. Greg Abbott tested positive for COVID-19, and just days after the FDA approved the Pfizer Vaccine, Abbott has reissued his ban on COVID-19 vaccine mandates by any state or local government entity. Abbott continues to work against all public health initiatives by outlawing the most basic and effective tools we have to stop people from contracting COVID-19: masking and vaccines.

The executive order comes even after the governor received and continues to receive statewide outcry from concerned teachers, parents, and local leaders who are begging him to step aside and allow them to do what is necessary to protect their schools and communities.

As Texans push forward in their attempts to beat back the pandemic, our governor’s choices present a grim picture. Abbott’s relentless abuse of power has become our biggest threat to public health.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“True leaders care about the wellbeing and health of their citizens — they care about a strong economy and a thriving community.  By contrast, what we have with Gov.  Abbott is a menace to society. His executive orders are actively contributing to and encouraging the spread of the virus — and the more people get sick, the more stubborn he becomes in refusing to help Texans.

“The only explanation for Abbott putting the lives of millions at risk is political gain. It is shameful — it is downright sinful — to see how low our governor will go to seek approval from a failed president and his henchmen.

“We deserve better.  Texas Democrats will not give up fighting for better leadership and for the safety of our kids in schools, or for the health of Texans.”