Abbott Pawn, John Lujan, Poor Choice for Bexar County as Governor Faces Record-Low Approval Rating in San Antonio

AUSTIN, Texas — Gov. Greg Abbott has been facing career-low approval ratings for the last month, but nowhere more so than in Bexar County. Earlier this week, polls showed that a full 59% of Bexar County residents disapprove of Abbott — an eight point spike in disapproval since the survey was last issued in March. However, as San Antonians prepare to elect the next state representative for House District 118, the GOP candidate has placed himself squarely in the disgraced governor’s corner. With Republican John Lujan a proven Abbott conspirator, it is clear that San Antonio wants a different kind of leadership than what Lujan has to offer.

Lujan has been Abbott’s handpicked candidate three times over the last five years. As Abbott’s increasingly dictatorial style of governance continues to rob Texans of their right to meaningful representation, a candidate made in Abbott’s image will almost certainly make matters worse for San Antonio. Today, Lujan promises to toe the Republican party line on Abbott’s most unpopular policies — whether it’s opening the door to gun violence, slashing healthcare access by gutting abortion rights, or throwing kids, teachers, and families in harm’s way by refusing to take basic steps to curb the spread of COVID-19. Those policies have harmed families across San Antonio and given Abbott a bad name in Texas’ second-largest city, and a state rep who will be complicit in these attacks is the last thing San Antonio needs.

Texas Democratic Party Co-Executive Director Hannah Roe Beck issued the following statement:

“Greg Abbott has harmed San Antonians in almost every way you can think of, and it’s no wonder people across Bexar County are sick and tired of Abbott’s failed, dangerous policies. An overwhelming majority of Bexar County residents disapprove of Abbott, and it is clear that the last thing San Antonians want is an Abbott copycat for our next state representative. Lujan would be a carbon copy of Abbott’s worst impulses, whether it’s opening the door to more gun violence in our schools, or throwing kids and families to the wolves in this ongoing pandemic.

“San Antonio deserves better than another failed Republican leader. And that’s why Texas Democrats are working around the clock to help elect Frank Ramirez for House District 118 — a lifelong San Antonian, a proven leader, and a committed voice for working people across our city. Frank will get the job done, and unlike Lujan, he will put San Antonio kids and families first. This election is about our kids, our families, and our future — and I urge every single Democrat in House District 118 to get to the polls and vote for Frank Ramirez in the upcoming runoff election.”