Abbott’s Special Session Agenda: Radio Silence On Texas’ Biggest Issue — Fixing the Grid

AUSTIN, Texas — Today, failed and flailing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released his agenda for Texas’ upcoming special legislative session — giving Texans barely 24 hours notice of what their lawmakers will be focused on for the next 30 days.

Predictably, Abbott’s agenda continues the exact same horrifying attacks that Republicans levied on Texans throughout the spring — from slashing voting rights, to harming trans kids, to further gutting abortion access. The one glaring omission? Fixing Texas’ disaster-prone and catastrophically unregulated power grid. When the state’s grid failed in February after decades of Republican negligence, more than 700 Texans died — yet nearly six months later, Abbott and Texas Republicans have taken no meaningful action to ensure a similar disaster doesn’t happen again. With the summer’s high electricity demand, the threat of more outages is so severe that the Houston Chronicle launched an independent statewide outage tracker — filling the gaps left by Abbott’s leadership vacuum.

Instead of taking the legislative action Texans desperately need on this issue, Abbott is once again abdicating responsibility and attempting to pull the wool over our eyes. Earlier this week, the disgraced governor released a list of actions to improve ERCOT — actions that ignore the real issue of regulation and reliability, and instead falsely depict renewable energy sources as the culprit for outages, an assertion that has been roundly debunked.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“More than 700 Texans died when the grid failed in February, and that happened for two major reasons. One: because for 20 years, Republicans have neglected our aging power grid and refused to regulate it, putting companies’ profits over the safety of Texans. Two: because when Greg Abbott got a heads up about the potential for power outages, he watched on and did nothing. Because of his inaction, Texans died. Now, that same failed governor is holding a special legislative session, after one of the worst power outage disasters in Texas history, and fixing the grid is nowhere on the agenda.

“Greg Abbott is telling us who he really is, and we should believe him. He does not care about Texans. He does not care about keeping us safe when the next power outage strikes, or stopping our families from having to go through another terrifying disaster. What he cares about is hanging onto power at any cost, and that’s why he’s planning to spend this entire special legislative session attacking Texans to keep his party’s extreme-right base happy.

“Governor Abbott, you have one job. Start taking it seriously and fix the grid.”