As Abbott Bullies Legislature By Pulling Funding, Texas Democrats Continue to Defend Voting Rights

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement in response to Gov. Abbott defunding the Texas legislature and forcing a special session to take up Republican voter suppression schemes again, among other failed priorities:

“Gov. Abbott is out of control and is defunding an entire co-equal branch of the state government because Texas Democrats effectively stopped key pieces of his far-right legislative priorities this session — including his voter suppression bill, SB 7. It is beyond shameful that Abbott is holding hostage the salaries of public servants who work for the Texas legislature in an unethical and unconstitutional political game.

“But Democrats in Texas will not be intimidated by this abuse of power from Abbott as he continues to push his own personal political agenda over the real needs of everyday Texans. Democrats will never back down when it comes to protecting the right to vote and the right to participate in our democracy.”