As Abbott Signs Redistricting Maps, Texas Democrats Condemn Yet Another Republican Power Grab

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement on Gov. Greg Abbott’s signing of new electoral maps:

“In the last special legislative session, Republicans drew districts to benefit themselves and their own re-elections, not to better serve Texans. By signing these maps into law today, Governor Abbott has shown us — for the hundredth time this year — that he is perfectly happy to advance his own political career and his partisan agenda at the expense of Texans’ right to representation.

“95 percent of our state’s population growth over the last decade was within communities of color. Yet somehow, Texas Republicans created more majority-white districts. That’s backwards, racist, and wrong — and this is yet another example of Texas Republicans’ insidious efforts to maintain power and shut down the voices of Texas’ rising, diverse electorate.

“Republicans have drawn almost all non-competitive districts so they don’t have to work for their constituents and actually win on the issues. Just as we saw with the GOP’s shameful anti-voter law this year, Republicans are hellbent on choosing their voters rather than having voters choose their representatives. Abbott and Texas Republicans clearly prefer to simply shut down the voices of Black and Brown voters and working Texans, rather than actually do their jobs and earn their votes by working on behalf of Texans.

“Texas Democrats fought these discriminatory maps like we fought the GOP’s anti-voter laws, and we will keep on fighting as long as it takes until Texas is free of Republicans’ attacks on voters. There’s one way to make sure Texans get the fair maps and equal representation that is their right, and that’s by voting Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans out of office. We are registering voters and mobilizing Texans in every county in our state to make that happen, and with today’s signing, Greg Abbott is only further galvanizing our growing movement.”