Become a Hays County Precinct Chair

The Hays County Democratic Party is seeking chairs for new precincts that have resulted from population growth as well as replacements for chairs who are moving or stepping down.

Duties and Benefits

Identifying and registering voters in your Precinct — Serving as a precinct chair gives you the opportunity to meet your neighbors, get to know your neighborhood, and put in some great exercise. Precincts are the smallest official political subdivisions and are the primary way candidates and parties target groups of voters to turnout for elections. Because of the rapid growth in Hays County it is essential that we have active precinct chairs to engage the many people that are constantly moving into our neighborhoods. We need to identify our Democratic neighbors to bring them into the political process in our county.

Informing voters and helping turn out the vote — The Hays County Democratic Party and Democratic Party clubs like KBAD have monthly meetings and big events that you could invite your neighbors to attend. This is a great way for them to get involved and stay up to date with what is going on in politics. Turning out the Democratic vote is important to every election and the best way to do that is with active Democratic precinct chairs.

Attending meetings of the County Executive Committee — As a Democratic precinct chair you are entitled to a vote at the monthly County Executive Committee meetings. You are able to help decide on matters that effect your county party. At the CEC meetings, precinct chairs set the priorities and the direction of the county party’s Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. So being a precinct chair will give you a say on what you believe the county party should be doing to win elections.

As a Democratic Precinct Chair, you will be given priority if you wish to serve as an Election Judge at your polling location. However, Precinct Chairs are not required to be Election Judges.

If you are not certain what precinct you live in, check the Hays County map.

Application for Precinct Chair Appointment