Bidenomics: In 10 Months, President Biden Has Higher Job Growth Than The Last 3 Republican Administrations Combined 

AUSTIN, Texas — This year, Texans have faced unending challenges due to Gov. Greg Abbott’s disastrous policies — from a power grid still at high risk of failure, to Abbott’s dangerous COVID response that has since left 74,000 Texans dead and 14,000 children orphaned. However, while Abbott and Texas Republicans have failed Texans again and again, thanks to Democrats, our state is catching a break on at least one front. Bidenomics are working — and new data shows that in just ten months in office, President Biden has achieved higher job growth than the last three Republican administrations combined.

In addition to these massive achievements on jobs numbers, the Biden-Harris administration also recently celebrated unemployment claims down to a level not seen since March 7th, 2020 — and in last week’s jobless claims update, these unemployment claims were at their lowest level since 1969. Friday, the latest jobs report also stated that unemployment is down to 4.2%, making 2021 the sharpest decline of unemployment on record.

These historic numbers are great news for millions of Texans, who are seeing more economic power, more job opportunities, and more money back in the pockets of working families. The win comes thanks to President Biden’s aggressive, targeted efforts to get our economy back on track and give small businesses and working families a much-needed boost, including by:

  • Passing the American Rescue Plan despite opposition from every single Republican in Congress — putting money back in the pockets of a majority of American families.
  • Delivering billions of dollars in economic relief to millions of small businesses, also through the American Rescue Plan.
  • Implementing the Child Tax Credit, which is helping parents cover the high costs of raising kids each month.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

The evidence is clear — President Biden’s road to economic recovery is working. And this holiday season, Texans have President Biden to thank for getting Americans back to work, supporting small businesses, and putting more money in working families’ pockets through the Child Tax Credit — which every Texas Republican opposed when they voted to block Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. 

“The bottom line is that Democrats are delivering for the American people. Period. With unemployment down 99% in metro areas and unemployment claims as a whole down 70% since President Biden took office — we’re seeing that Democrats are picking up the slack where Texas Republican leadership has failed for decades. While Greg Abbott has done everything in his power to make life harder for Texans, President Biden has gotten relief to millions of Texas families when we needed it most. That’s what leadership looks like, and Texas Democrats are fighting every day to defeat Abbott and elect more Democrats who will put people first.”