BREAKING: 26 Days into AAPI Heritage Month, Ted Cruz Is Spreading Racist Anti-Asian Hate

AUSTIN, Texas — 26 days into AAPI Heritage Month, Ted Cruz went on national TV Wednesday to spread racist bile in an attempt to shift the blame off of Texas Republicans for their flagrant mismanagement of the pandemic. Racist, hateful rhetoric like this has driven an uptick in hate crimes against AAPI communities since the start of the pandemic.

Let’s be clear: over the last 14 months, more than 50,000 Texans lost their lives to COVID-19 because of Republican inaction, incompetence, and callousness. Led by disgraced Governor Greg Abbott and failed, flailing Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, Texas Republicans refused to do their jobs and keep Texans safe, blocked municipal leaders’ efforts to protect their residents, and spouted hateful, racist rhetoric that put more Texans in danger. Every single Texas Republican in Congress voted against the American Rescue Plan — voting “no” to relief money for Americans, “no” to what has become the most successful vaccination campaign in history, and “no” to beating back the pandemic.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Our AAPI community has suffered violence and threats all year long because of racist rhetoric like Ted Cruz’s remarks Wednesday. Racist, hateful rhetoric like this has no place in Texas, much less coming from the politicians who are supposed to serve Texans. However, it’s unfortunately no surprise from Ted Cruz, who has fanned the flames of racism all year long, looked the other way as his constituents suffered all throughout the pandemic, and literally hopped on a plane to Cancun while Texans were freezing in their homes.

“Again and again, Texas Republicans show themselves for what they are: a massive public safety threat to Texans. Republican politicians have thrown fuel on the fire of racism. They’ve mismanaged the pandemic to the point of allowing tens of thousands of Texans to die. They looked on and did nothing during the winter storm. And instead of taking any action to fix these incredibly pressing issues, they’ve spent the entire legislative session putting people in further danger — whether it’s slashing basic gun safety regulations, or taking away people’s healthcare. If we want to keep Texans safe, it could not be clearer what we need to do: defeat Republicans and elect more Democrats.”