Child Tax Credit Delivered $46.8 Million in Tax Cuts to Local Families in August – But Some Need to Act Now

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Child Tax Credit Delivered $46.8 Million in Tax Cuts to Local Families in August – But Some Need to Act Now

Washington, D.C. — This morning, U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), Chair of the House Ways & Means Health Subcommittee, shared new data from the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) showing how the newly expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC)—a tax cut for most families with kids—in the American Rescue Plan is delivering relief for Texas families. Rep. Doggett shared the JEC analysis showing that, for the congressional district he currently represents alone, there are 183,000 qualifying children, and 93,000 total payments were delivered to district families in August, amounting to $46.8 million.

“Help is here. Almost one hundred thousand families—just in the congressional district I represent—are already receiving important tax cut payments that can go toward childcare, back-to-school supplies, and a little peace of mind during this period of transition and recovery,” said Congressman Doggett. “As we mark the 93,000 payments made in August in TX-35, and work to make this landmark policy permanent, we also need to keep working to ensure that the folks who may need this payment the most don’t miss out. This credit holds great promise to transform economic security for American families. It has been called ‘Social Security for Children’—in the same way, this is designed to provide security for children and solidify attempts escape poverty. So let’s redouble our efforts to get our non-filer neighbors signed up, and let’s spread the word about the transformative impact that these payments can have.”

For the vast majority of American families, these payments are arriving automatically. But some families need to act now to access the benefits; many in our area qualify for payments but they have no yet filed to access them. Our work continues to get the word out that Texans who do not normally file a tax return (or did not register to receive stimulus checks) can get free, bilingual help with Foundation Communities (at 737-717-4000 or at an in-person office: foundcom.org/prosper-centers) to file their application for the CTC advance payments.

In July, Rep. Doggett joined Foundation Communities, Councilwoman Vanessa Fuentes, and Austin parent and recent Texas State graduate Cristina Guajardo to mark the first day of Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments. They explained who can expect payments automatically and how much is coming—as well as how parents who do not normally file a tax return can ensure they do not miss out on these important payments and get free, bilingual help from Foundation Communities. The video of this press conference is available here. Rep. Doggett has published an FAQ webpage for families’ questions, available in both English and Spanish here.

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Nationwide, according to the Joint Economic Committee:

  • Based on the latest data available, the expanded CTC will generate nearly $19.3 billion in spending in local economies each month nationwide.
  • Family finances have improved significantly following the first monthly payments in July. Analysis based on data from the Census Bureau shows that following the July payments there were significant declines in the share of households with children reporting financial hardship and food insufficiency.
  • Families are using the expanded CTC payments to meet the needs of their household. Among those who responded to the Census Bureau’s survey: 47% spent their CTC payment on food, 28% spent it on internet and other utilities, 26% spent it on school expenses, and 17% of those with at least one child under age 5 spent it on child care.


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