Closing Health Care Coverage Gaps: Rep. Doggett & Speaker Pelosi Share Build Back Better Progress for Texans

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Closing Health Care Coverage Gaps: Rep. Doggett & Speaker Pelosi Share Build Back Better Progress for Texans

Austin, T.X. – Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi joined U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), Chair of the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee, and Austin Mayor Steve Adler to hold a press conference Thursday afternoon at Foundation Communities in Austin highlighting Democrats’ priorities they’re working for in the forthcoming Build Back Better Act to strengthen health care access for Texas families. This includes extending coverage for those denied Medicaid expansion, crafting more affordable ACA Marketplace insurance, providing more comprehensive Medicare coverage, and lowering prescription drug prices. These key health care points mark significant progress in fulfilling the President’s Build Back Better agenda.

“Congressman Lloyd Doggett has been a relentless leader in the House as Democrats advance our transformative For The People agenda,” said Speaker Pelosi. “Under President Biden’s strong leadership, our forthcoming Build Back Better Act will be life-changing for working families by lowering the cost of health care, cutting taxes and creating jobs.”

“One week from today, I’ll be at the Ways and Means Committee in Washington taking up the Build Back Better bill,” said Congressman Doggett. “As the Health Subcommittee Chairman, my focus is on the health care progress in this strong legislation. Because Governors Perry and Abbott were so opposed to taking 100% initial federal funding to ensure Medicaid expansion in Texas, two million of our neighbors have been left behind—uninsured, and in the ‘coverage gap.’ Build Back Better would save lives and get our neighbors covered. It would provide more comprehensive coverage for countless seniors on Medicare, who currently have to go without dental, vision, and hearing care.”

Lloyd Doggett, Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Adler, Foundation Communities Lloyd Doggett and Nancy Pelosi Lloyd Doggett, Nancy Pelosi and Steve Adler

“People here in Texas know what it looks like when the Calvary is coming over the hill,” said Mayor Adler. “The House of Representatives is poised to take historic action to invest in America…The focus for us, in so many ways, is on health care. Here in Travis County, one in six people under the age of 65 has no insurance—due in large measure to the fact that our state leadership will not expand Medicaid. Our uninsured rate is 50% higher than the national rate, and that should not be the case in Austin, Texas…We need federal action, because our state is not protecting us the way it should. We support the goal—building an economy from the bottom up and the middle out, not just from the top down—and health care coverage ought to be a right for everyone, and not just a privilege for the wealthy.”

“Foundation Communities provides a whole range of education, health, and financial stability programs at our housing facilities and in our two Prosper Centers,” said Julian Huerta, Deputy Executive Director at Foundation Communities. “Since the first Affordable Care Act open enrollment period in 2013, our incredible team of staff and volunteers has helped over 44,000 people enroll in affordable health insurance and have secured $259 million in credits and subsidies to make health care more affordable. This afternoon, we’re gathered to hear some important updates on federal health care policies that will strengthen health care access for Texas families.”


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