Commissioned Officers Association Presents Rep. Doggett with Congressional Public Health Leadership Award

Washington, D.C. — Captain Karen Muñoz, Chair-Elect of the Commissioned Officers Association of the US Public Health Service, presented the 2018 Congressional Public Health Leadership Award to Congressman Doggett (D-TX), Chair of the Ways and Means Health Subcommittee.

In a presentation with Executive Director Col. James Currie at the Ways and Means Committee Library, native Texan Captain Muñoz shared the history of the award, the work of the Commissioned Officers Association, and the importance of Doggett’s championship of key health causes. They discussed his leading the movement in Congress to lower prescription drug prices through negotiation and competition, as well as his commitment to protecting access to healthcare for all Americans.

After the ceremony, Rep. Doggett also talked with Captain Muñoz about her important work protecting patients in home healthcare and the challenges that she has faced when deployed to the border in Texas to provide care to immigrant families. Rep. Doggett said, “I will continue to lead on making healthcare affordable and accessible for veterans and families.”

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