Dan Patrick’s Disgusting Comments Are One More Reminder of Hate at the Heart of Today’s GOP

AUSTIN, Texas — Wednesday night on Fox News, Texans saw our despicable Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick return to his time-worn practice: spewing racist disinformation and attacking the majority of Texans. Back in August, Patrick was peddling a patently false narrative blaming Black Texans for the COVID-19 surge clearly caused by the callous policies of Patrick’s own party. This time, Patrick turned to another false, racist, and deeply dangerous narrative — the ultra-fringe, militant right-wing conspiracy theory that immigration and minority population growth constitute an “invasion” that threatens to “take over our country.” 

Texans have already suffered horror and violence because of comments like these. Just two years ago, similar racist rhetoric by Gov. Abbott fueled the worst domestic terror attack on Latinos in U.S. history, in the horrific El Paso massacre of August 2019. Patrick’s disgusting comments once again signal the hate gripping today’s GOP — and the willingness of Texas Republicans to put people’s lives in danger in order to pander to the farthest fringe of their rightwing base.

Texas is a majority-minority state, whose success has always been driven by immigration. As such, these comments are one more reminder that rather than representing the people they were elected to serve, Texas Republicans are consistently content to throw a majority of their constituents under the bus. That’s not how democracy is supposed to work. Texas Democrats are continuing to fight to restore leadership to Texas that actually reflects the needs, interests, and will of the people.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Patrick’s comments last night are deeply racist, patently false, and incredibly dangerous — and a far cry from what Texans deserve from their elected officials. The number one job of our elected representatives — including our lieutenant governor — is to make life better for Texans. But as Patrick’s disgusting comments and the vast majority of Republican policies show, Texas Republicans have no intention of standing up for the millions of Black and Brown Texans they are supposed to represent.

“Dan Patrick is so scared of losing his seat in 2022 that he’s spewing more and more racist conspiracy theories about Black and Brown communities. After illegally banning abortion, attacking trans kids, slashing voting rights, abandoning Texans during a pandemic, and peddling racist drivel like this, Patrick is correct in thinking he’s in danger of losing his job. Dan Patrick does not have the faintest idea of what it means to fight for Texans. You know who does? Democrats. And from now until next November, we will be working every single day to kick Dan Patrick out of office and elect Democrats who will put people first.”