Daphne Tenorio, Tax Assessor-Collector

Daphne Tenorio, an accountant by trade, has lived and worked in the world of financial services all of her life.

Her first “job” was putting checks in numerical order while being put to work in her mother’s CPA firm as a child. She has worked with her “family of accountants” throughout her professional career, managing financial services for businesses and non-profits.

While her professional career has focused on the world of numbers and accounting, Daphne has simultaneously dedicated her life to serving her community in various capacities. For five years, she served on Kyle City Council, where she was known for asking tough questions and maintaining a close eye on the budget to protect taxpayers from the undue burden of wasteful spending. She has always believed in conservative spending as she has managed her small businesses and her own family budget.

Daphne has served as a board member for the Texas Municipal League, a committee member for the National League of Cities, and the president of the Association of Hispanic Municipal Officials. She’s a graduate of the Texas Municipal League’s Leadership Academy.

Before working as a public official, Daphne served as a PTA president and an officer throughout the time her children attended Hays CISD schools. She is also proud to have been a founder of the booster organization of the successful Mariachi program at Lehman High School.

Beyond her support of Hays CISD public schools, Daphne has dedicated countless hours organizing fundraisers for many community organizations and non-profits. She was also a member of the Society of St. Vincent DePaul, a church organization in which volunteers strive to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to individuals in need. She believes fervently in the importance of volunteerism and serving as an advocate for the citizenry.

The importance of family is another central value for Daphne, who has lived in Kyle for more than 20 years. She and her husband Willie Tenorio, Jr, have two biological children, who are graduates of Hays CISD schools. Recently, their family has grown with the addition of two more children as Daphne and Willie have welcomed two foster children into their hearts and family.

Ultimately, Daphne is driven by a desire to do the work of the people. She’s a strong believer in transparency and lives by the belief that there should be “no hiding anything from the taxpayer, period.”

“Everything should be on the up and up because taxpayers don’t have time to sit there and play games,” she said. “Taxpayers need to know what’s going on who the players are, and how it’s going to affect them. And that’s the proudest moment for me — to have always been fighting for the citizenry and be their true voice.”

As the next tax assessor-collector of Hays County, Daphne hopes to continue fighting and advocating for her fellow citizens.

“I am proud of my community, my neighbors, my friends and my family. I am even prouder to be able to make personal connections and be the person people in our community can count on when they need a helping hand. I look forward to the opportunity to serve each and every person in Hays County. I am here for you!”

Website: www.tenorioforhays.com