Democrat West Hansen Says Central Texas Deserves a Representative Who Fights for the Environment and Health Care

Central Texas Deserves a Representative Who Fights for the Environment and Health Care

West Hansen, Democrat running in the 25th Congressional District (CD 25), seeks support for his efforts to restore environmental protections and affordable health care for everyone. Hansen said preventing Republicans’ efforts to disrupt them will be a top priority. Since the Trump administration appointed EPA chief Scott Pruitt, CD 25 incumbent Roger Williams has supported deregulation efforts at every vote and chipped away at efforts to support health care for all.

“We owe it to our children to stand up against the Republican efforts to dismantle the environmental protections and health care that all of us have enjoyed,” Hansen said. “Affordable health care, clean water, clean air, and reducing our carbon footprint are all within our grasp.”

A graduate of SWTSU (now Texas State), West will work to protect El Rancho Cima from development in the fragile Blanco River Valley. As an expert paddler, he was on the search, rescue and recovery teams after the devastating Memorial Day floods.

Not only does he have decades of environmental activism under his belt, but West is also an expert in health care. Since the 1980’s he’s worked for the Department of Health Services and in his family business specifically on funding streams for Medicare, Medicaid, Teachers Retirement, VA benefits and health care grant programs. For three years he taught a course at Lamar University on health care.
As National Geographic Explorer, West Hansen led the first expedition to paddle the entire 4,200 miles of the Amazon River from its newly discovered source. As the River Conservation Chair on the board of the Texas Canoe Racing Association, he worked with the Texas River Protection Association to organize annual cleanups for the entire San Marcos River. Additionally, he has completed the Texas Water Safari 20 times, winning it overall twice and holds a 20-year-old tandem speed record.


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