Democratic Primary Runoff Results 2018

With the Democratic Primary officially over after the runoff election on May 22nd, the following candidates emerged as winners. The candidates will join the rest of the Democratic ticket on the ballot this November. Hays County Elections has posted the official results (note: Hays County spans two US Congressional Districts) Hays County Elections May22nd Primary Runoff Results

Democratic Candidates in Runoff for Hays County Voters

State Representative, District 45  Map
Rebecca Bell-Metereau voterebecca.com
(Winner) Erin Zwiener www.erinforyall.com

U.S. Representative, District 21 Map
(Winner) Joseph Kopser www.kopserforcongress.com
Mary Street Wilson electmarywilson.com

U.S. Representative, District 25  Map
(Winner) Julie Oliver oliver2018.com
Chris Perri www.chrisperrifortexas.com

(Winner) Lupe Valdez www.lupevaldez.com
Andrew White www.andrewwhite.com