Despotic, Desperate, Or A Bit Of Both? With Book Burning Escalation, Abbott Crosses Into True Dystopian Territory

AUSTIN, Texas — Yesterday, the Washington Post broke the news that Republicans’ national crusade against schools and books has, in some school districts, escalated into comments suggesting we should “throw those books in a fire.” The heart of that dystopian crusade is Texas Republicans’ full-on censorship campaign — and with failed Gov. Greg Abbott at the helm, the situation for teachers and schools is becoming more dire every day.

Abbott and Texas Republicans’ censorship bill banning teachers from educating kids on racism and sexism has already led to a less safe environment for Texas kids, more hoops for Texas teachers to jump through, and, somehow, encouragement of Holocaust denialism. With dozens of age-appropriate, critically acclaimed books currently awaiting Republican review, Texas Republicans have found one more way to bring Texas closer to a dystopian dictatorship. Texas Democrats are curious to see whether Fahrenheit 451 gets added to the list, since its anti-authoritarian message clearly presents a direct threat to Abbott’s agenda — which appears to consist of hijacking our classrooms and subjecting teachers to the whims of an increasingly despotic executive.

Texas Democratic Party Co-Executive Director Jamarr Brown issued the following statement:

“Republicans’ crusade against our schools and our teachers has gone too far. This is 2021. Yet because of laws like Greg Abbott’s censorship bill, people aren’t just talking about banning books — they’re talking about burning them. Texas Republicans are once again trying to govern by intimidation and terror, and kids and teachers are suffering for it.

“Texas teachers are the experts, and they have one goal: to help our kids grow up safe and empowered. We should be trusting teachers — not forcing our educators to listen to a handful of extremist politicians who are not experts, who don’t know the first thing about child development, and who want to impose their political agenda on our classrooms. Greg Abbott has put kids, teachers, schools, and families in harm’s way in almost every way imaginable in order to pander to extreme-right voters ahead of a tough primary. Texans are sick and tired of being sacrificed for Abbott’s political ambitions. Enough is enough.”