Dickey Haverda for Hays County Sheriff

 I am committed to working with the communities by building partnerships to enhance public services and utilizing those partnerships to provide better services, while reducing inefficiency. I firmly believe government agencies can be more efficient by working cooperatively to achieve the single goal of the government, which should be the safety of the people. I believe the Sheriff should ensure the Sheriff’s Office builds upon these relationships. A united community is more effective in achieving a safer community.

I will bring over 22 years of full-time law enforcement experience, all with Hays County, with nearly 15 years of those being a supervisor.

For quite some time there has been a social disconnect between the Hays County Sheriff’s Office and members of the Hays County community. By implementing a community policing program, the communication gap between the sheriff’s office and Hays County citizens will be drastically improved.

We will increase Hays County Sheriff’s Office transparency, accountability and trust of the community.

As your next Hays County Sheriff, I vow to protect YOUR Rights granted to you under the Constitution of the United States, and the State of Texas. I believe these documents are sacred, thus I will not permit the Sheriff’s Office to enforce any law which violates YOUR Rights and due process.