Election 2020 FAQs

Learn more about your frequently asked questions regarding voting in the 2020 general election. Click on the heading for each group to be directed to the answers for that section.

General Voting FAQs

Voter Registration

  • Where can I check my voter registration?
  • I recently registered to vote and haven’t received my voter registration card. Can I still vote?
  • I have recently moved within Hays County from another Hays County address, but it was too late to change the address on my voter registration. Will I still be able to vote?
  • I moved to Hays County from another county in Texas and forgot to register at my current address before the voter registration deadline. Can I still vote?
  • I recently changed my name but forgot to update my voter registration form by the deadline. Can I still vote?
  • What does it mean if my voter registration is in suspense, and can I still vote?

Ballot Information

  • What candidates will be on my ballot?
  • Where can I find more information about our Democratic candidates?
  • What is a provisional ballot, and what happens to that ballot?
  • Why are Republicans listed first in many of the races on the ballot?
  • Why can’t I vote a straight-party ticket in this election?

Other General Voting Information

  • Does our voting system in Hays County ever use modems for transmitting information?
  • How can I volunteer to be a poll watcher?
  • What is the status of the various lawsuits filed by the Texas Democratic Party to overcome voter-suppression attempts by Republicans?
  • Where can I get candidate signs?
  • My homeowner’s association says I can’t put candidate signs in my yard or they limit me to only one sign. Can they do that?


FAQs for Voting by Mail

  • What are the qualifications for voting by mail in Texas?
  • Can I vote by mail if I’m concerned about the risk of contracting COVID-19 by voting in person?
  • How do I get a ballot by mail?
  • I received a ballot by mail for the primary election, so why haven’t I received my ballot for the November election?
  • How do I complete my mail-in ballot?
  • Where can I take my mail-in ballot if I don’t want to mail it?
  • How do I know if the elections office has received my mail-in ballot?
  • What is the deadline for the Hays County Elections Office to receive my mail-in ballot?
  • What happens to my mail-in ballot after the elections office receives it?
  • I can’t remember if I put my ballot in the extra internal envelope or if I just put it in the carrier mailing envelope. Will my vote count?
  • What are the most frequent reasons for rejecting a mail-in ballot?
  • When will my mail-in ballot be counted?
  • What should I do if I have a mail-in ballot but I want to vote in person instead?
  • Why can’t everyone in Texas vote by mail?


FAQs for Voting in Person

  • Where and when can I vote?
  • What precautions are election workers taking to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure at the polling sites?
  • What should I bring with me to the polling site?
  • How can I find out how long the wait is at the various polling sites?
  • What forms of ID are acceptable for voting?
  • What if my photo ID has expired or I don’t have a photo ID?
  • I can’t find my voter registration card. Can I still vote without it?
  • I forgot to bring my photo ID with me to vote, and I don’t have another supporting form of ID with me. I just waited in a long line and don’t want to leave and wait in line again. Can I still vote?
  • When voting in person, can I refer to notes I made on my phone?
  • My address on my ID doesn’t match where I’m registered to vote? Is that a problem?
  • What accommodations are available for voters with disabilities?
  • What should I do if I have a mail-in ballot but I want to vote in person instead?
  • What kind of voting machines does Hays County use?
  • What should I do if I see something questionable happening at a polling site?


Our 2020 Democratic Candidates


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