Ellen B Show – Conversations Around Hays County

Precinct Chair Ellen Braverman hosts the Ellen B Show podcast

Hays County Democratic Precinct Chair Ellen Braverman hosts the Ellen B Show on the anchor.fm network at https://anchor.fm/theellenbshow. The podcast highlights a variety of topics from poetry to music to art to politics, and Ellen’s interviews with community leaders and recently-elected Democratic candidates can be found on her podcast website. Interviews below with Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra, former County Court at Law Judge Linda Rodriguez, County Clerk Elaine Cardenas, and State Rep. Erin Zwiener provide new insight into some of the challenges and new ideas that are transforming Hays County. Voters are increasingly demanding more open and transparent government, and Ellen’s interviews provide a window into how the candidates are driving for more transparency, fairness, and inclusivity while in office. Ellen is precinct chair for Precinct 110 in San Marcos.

Interview with Ruben Becerra, Hays County Judge
Come join me as I interview Ruben Becerra, County Judge for Hays County Texas, and his Chief of Staff, Alex Villalobos. We cover many issues that face him and some solutions that County Judge Ruben Becerra hopes to bring about.

Interview with Judge Linda Rodriguez
Interview with Court at Law Judge Linda Rodriguez, former County Court at Law Judge for Hays County, Texas, one of the fastest-growing counties in the state from 1990 to 2014. First elected to the bench in 1990, Judge Rodriguez was the first female, the first Hispanic judicial candidate to be elected county-wide.


Interview with Elaine Cardenas, County Clerk

O.K. so what does a County Clerk do? How important is this job? If you want the answers to these questions and more join me as I talk with our new County Clerk, here in Hays County Texas, Elaine Cardenas. I promise, you will learn a lot and come away with more respect for the people who work in the County Clerks office and the County Clerk. So let’s take this journey together, one that will provide much needed information about the ways our local gov’t works.

Interview with State Rep. Erin Zwiener, TX House District 45
Come join me as I interview Erin Zwiener during her run for Texas House District 45. With lots of hard work Erin won and if you are interested in following her you can click on https://www.facebook.com/ErinForYall/app/100265896690345/ for her weekly newsletter.