Erin Zwiener, Candidate for Texas House District 45

Erin Zwiener, a Democratic candidate for Texas House District 45, is an author, educator, activist, and fifth-generation Texan. She stepped up to run over a year ago and has been doing the hard work to build the blue wave here in the Hill Country. With education in natural resources, a record of working for conservation and education nonprofits, and experience testifying at the Texas Capitol and lobbying legislators, Erin is ready to serve. She has the savvy, understanding of the issues, and legislative know-how to go toe-to-toe with the Republican nominee in policy debates and fight for a better Texas from day one.

Erin’s core values are healthy communities, inclusivity, and common sense government. Guided by these, she will fight for restoring funding to public education, protecting teacher compensation, improving access to health care, protecting the rights of each and every Texan, preserving the Hill Country (including our streams and groundwater), local control for local growth, and defending voting rights. Erin’s campaign has been featured in TIME magazine, and she has endorsements or recommendations from Wimberley Indivisible, the Hays County Women’s Political Caucus, the College Democrats at Texas State University, and Our Revolution Texas.

House District 45 has been named one of the most flippable districts in Texas. Erin is the candidate who is doing the work to win in November, knocking on doors and speaking directly to voters, and Erin is the candidate who is best prepared to serve the residents of House District 45. Learn more about Erin Zwiener at www.erinforyall.com and let’s put the all back in y’all.

Contact:  Erin Zwiener (512) 842-7173, erin@erinforyall.com