Frank Ramirez and Texas Democrats’ Statements On The Results Of The House District 118 Election

AUSTIN, Texas — Democratic Nominee for House District 118 Frank Ramirez issued the following statement:

“Running to represent the community I was born and raised in has been the honor of my life, and the driving force behind my candidacy from day one has been the opportunity to fight for the hardworking families of San Antonio. During this campaign, we fought hard every single day for our Democratic vision for a better, more prosperous future for all in Bexar County. I couldn’t be more grateful to every Democratic voter in the district who cast their vote for our vision in this election. And to the many Texas Democrats who rallied in support of our campaign, and helped us mobilize voters across this district, thank you for your incredible hard work on behalf of our district, our community, our families, and our future.

“We didn’t make it over the line tonight. But we gave Texas Republicans a run for their money at every single step. I’m beyond proud of the massive Democratic mobilization our team achieved together — and I know San Antonio Democrats will continue to be at the heart of our Democratic fight for a better Texas.

“I sincerely hope State Representative-Elect John Lujan will fight as hard for the people of this district as we deserve — and choose to put our community first rather than be complicit in Governor Abbott’s attacks on Texans. As we showed tonight, our grassroots Democratic movement is a growing force, and no matter what Texas Republicans do, we will be here to hold them accountable. I look forward to continuing to fight alongside my fellow Texas Democrats for a better future — for H.D. 118, for San Antonio, and for all Texans.”

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement on the results of the House District 118 election:

“In the race for House District 118, Republicans used national big donor money to outspend our grassroots movement two to one. Republicans used insider information about the election date to mobilize voters a week before that knowledge was public — giving the GOP an entire week’s headstart. And election officials at both the state and county level made the process as confusing as possible for voters. Despite all of that, tonight, Texas Democrats are within 286 votes of shutting out Republicans and sending another strong Democrat to the Texas House.

“I congratulate Frank Ramirez on an incredibly hard-fought campaign, his massive success in turning out Democrats in what is usually a low-turnout election, and his David and Goliath struggle against the Texas GOP’s dark-money engine. I thank Frank’s dedicated team, and the many Democratic organizers, activists, and leaders — from San Antonio and across Texas — who rallied behind Frank and poured their time, energy, and hearts into this fight. And I thank every San Antonio Democrat who cast their ballot for our Democratic vision in this election.

“Tonight, we saw the Texas GOP’s big money and corrupt dealings hold our state back once again — and deny Texans a shot at better leadership, and a better future. But the massive mobilization of Democrats in this race also showed the strength of our growing movement — and just how close we are to closing the gap with Texas Republicans. With just one year until the midterms — and Gov. Greg Abbott’s popularity at an all-time low — Texas Democrats are poised to keep growing our movement and making gains. Lujan won this seat in a special election and lost it in the following general election once before. Rep. Lujan, we’ll see you next November.”