Gov. Abbott is Failing the Border and Endangering Communities of Color with His Anti-Immigrant Propaganda

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued a statement on Gov. Abbott’s failure to help border residents:

“Amid a surge of migrants to the southern border in Del Rio, Gov. Greg Abbott is continuing to spew lies about the border, federal immigration protocols, and migrants themselves.

“Gov. Abbott says migrants are a threat to Texans everywhere and for that reason, he is deploying any and all state resources to secure the border and finish former President Trump’s border wall. But as Abbott invokes public safety to justify his harmful policies, Texans are seeing right through it — because on every public safety issue facing our state, Abbott has failed miserably.

“This is the very same governor who, despite getting advanced notice of an anticipated disaster, did nothing to save over 700 adults and children in Texas from freezing to death when the state’s electrical grid collapsed last winter.

“This is the same governor who refused to take COVID-19 seriously and aggressively sued entities that protected their citizens and schoolchildren against the virus, including communities who prioritized ethnic minorities who were being ravaged by the virus, and knowingly let more than 60,000 Texans die from the disease.

“Those issues weren’t serious enough for him to take action then, but he wasted no time dedicating all the state resources he could and traveling to the border to pose for a photo-op to villainize refugees and asylum seekers who just experienced a devastating earthquake in their country, and who continue to suffer political instability after the recent assassination of their president.

“Abbott denied border communities, and all Texas, those very same state resources when we needed them most, and yet he has the audacity to co-opt the struggles of Haitian families in their desperation and weaponize xenophobia for his own personal political agenda.

“Greg Abbott is employing the exact same dangerous anti-immigrant rhetoric that led to the racist, terroristic mass shooting in El Paso.

“In case anyone forgot, the governor has no authority over federal issues, including immigration. He says he wants to act tough on border security, yet he made it easier for anyone to carry weapons in public without any basic training or permits even as Texas leads the world in the illegal smuggling of weapons directly into the hands of cartels in Mexico.

“The governor points to drugs coming across the border but conveniently leaves out the fact that the majority of illegal drugs come in through the legal ports of entry and not by someone swimming over the Rio Grande. Even if he did care about the effects of drugs in our community, he and the Republican-led legislature place little to no emphasis on substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation programs across the state and with no future thought on how to decrease prison populations.

“The governor is desperately trying to scapegoat and distract away from his own neglect of his responsibilities. But Texans know our governor has failed us deeply, and no one has failed the border more sorely than Greg Abbott.”