Hays County Democratic Party By-laws Feedback


The Hays County Democratic Party by-law committee has been working on drafting HCDP by-laws, and has completed an initial draft. Hays County Democrats are invited to provide feedback about the proposed by-laws from July 5 to noon on July 11.

To provide input, please utilize the form on this page.  Please note that you will be required to identify yourself to ensure that feedback is coming from Democrats in this county.  You also will be asked to agree to a disclaimer about understanding how feedback will be considered.

Please note that all comments will be considered and the committee will decide whether the edits are appropriate to by-laws and whether they strengthen them.  The committee cannot commit that all suggestions will result in edits to the document.

For additional information about this process, read the Disclaimer/by-laws FAQ.

Read the Proposed By-laws of the Hays County Democratic Party.