Hays County Democratic Party Convention 2020

The Hays County Democratic Party Convention will be on Saturday, March 21, from 10 am to 3 pm at Owen Goodnight Middle School, 1301 N. SH 123, San Marcos 78666

Attendees are encouraged to pre-register at https://2020.texasdemocrats.org/

The pre-registration link will ask that you affirm that you affiliate yourself with the Democratic Party, and on the next screen you will select your County and input your contact information. You can also indicate that you wish to be considered as a State delegate to the state Convention if seats are available and you are unable to attend.

The doors will open at 9 am for registration, the convention begins at 10 am.

For steps on how to become a delegate: https://www.texasdemocrats.org/action/become-a-2020-convention-delegate/

Delegates will be elected to attend the Texas Democratic Party State Convention in San Antonio, to be held June 4-6.

Send any proposed resolutions for consideration to diana@hayscountydemocrats.org. Resolutions approved at the county convention will be submitted for consideration at the state convention.

The event is a potluck lunch. Delegates can bring a dish, appetizer, or dessert. Water will be provided.

Registration begins @ 9:00 AM
County Convention begins @ 10:00 AM

Owen Goodnight Middle School
1301 N. State Highway 123
San Marcos, TX 78666


For questions about the event please email info@hayscountydemocrats.org