Hays County Democratic Party passes bylaws

We are delighted to present to you the newly approved Bylaws of Hays County Democratic Party. This has been a long time coming, with the process beginning this past Spring. The committee consisted of Kathi Thomas, chair, Jourdan Spence, Dr. Michelle Cohen, Deborah Chavez, former HCDP chair Donna Haschke, and me.

We are still working on the Policies and Procedures (“P&P”,) which spell out the committees’ charges and other daily workings of the HCDP. We did it this way because the Bylaws are the framework of how we work but take longer to amend. We are charged to follow those bylaws. With the daily workings in the P&P, we’re more able to easily adapt and change anything that doesn’t work as intended. It gives us greater flexibility to respond to reality.

I hope you will read these, and save a copy, so that you may be confident that the HCDP is working to be as transparent and responsive as possible for you, our members. Know that many of these were taken directly from Texas Democratic Party (“TDP”) rules and may not be changed. Where possible, we’ve linked to the TDP rules or Texas Election Law, so that you may read the original documents.

Thanks to the Bylaws Committee for all their hard work. I will add that while these are the first known bylaws for HCDP, in the past, we have been operating under TDP’s rules, which is perfectly legal. With the tremendous growth in Hays County, we believe it was time to develop our own bylaws for the HCDP and the Hays County Executive Committee (“HCEC”.) It allows us to codify some of the policies we’ve been following for years, so that we can be sure those policies we thought were good continue to be followed.

Now, let’s register more voters!  Become a volunteer deputy registrar or volunteer with the party.  We need YOU to win in 2022.


— Mark Trahan


The Hays County Democratic Party passed a set of bylaws on Sept. 12 during its regular meeting of the County Executive Committee. This is the first time the HCDP has passed separate bylaws, having previously worked under the guidelines of the Texas Democratic Party.

Here are the bylaws, as passed by HCDP: view PDF.