Hays County Dems seek ‘Champions’ to help write county platform statements

Passionate volunteers wanted to help shape future of HCDP

Do you have in-depth knowledge about a particular issue important to Hays County Democrats? Are you willing to share your knowledge and passion as a champion for that cause?

The Hays County Democratic Party seeks your help with crafting position statements about issues Hays County voters have identified as important to them. Champions will work as a small team to research an issue and provide important talking points to use in developing our product: a strong platform with clearly defined issues framed in a way that successfully appeals to Hays County voters.

We will provide you with a template for how to submit your information with the following elements:

  1. The hook (This is a simple statement that clearly defines the position to appeal to the average Hays County voter, not a policy wonk. Keep it positive — what we support, not what we’re against.)
  2. The elevator speech (Package your position to what you could say to convince someone while riding in an elevator — 30 seconds or less. Keep it simple yet persuasive.)
  3. The solution (Provide solutions or pertinent policies that our party and our candidates can use in debates and in articulating their stances.)
  4. Brief speech (Provide a brief — approximately two-minute — speech that candidates and influencers can use to introduce the topic. Explain how this issue affects the listener personally so that person will care about it and be moved to vote. Demonstrate how Democrats represent that person’s values. Keep the message simple to appeal to the average voter, not a lawyer or politician.)
  5. Sources (Provide the main sources used to develop your statements.)
  6. Detailed discussion — optional but highly encouraged (The previous items require brevity and clarity, but here is where you can provide other important facts and details gleaned from your research.)

We have a team of editors who will review the statements for cultural impact and who will polish the statements so they fit our messaging objectives.

Please select your top three topics of interest so we can ensure all topics are covered. If you know someone with whom you’d like to work on a topic, please provide that person’s contact information in the space provided. If you need a partner, we will help you find one.


June 3 to sign up for a topic; June 17 to submit your work.

Signup Form:

Use this link to signup