HCDP Statement in Response to Republican Texas House Redistricting Map

Today, the extremist Republicans in the Texas Legislature released their gerrymandered Texas House map. As bad as the Senate and Congressional maps were last week, the House map is the cherry on top of the Republican power grab sundae.

The proposed House map splits Hays County into two districts, but draws our Democratic incumbent Erin Zwiener out of HD 45, putting her into a new Republican district comprised of the western half of Hays County and all of Comal County. This brazen attempt to create a solid GOP seat and an open Democratic seat in our rapidly growing and increasingly Democratic county reveals the level of desperation of the Texas Republicans.

Obscene doesn’t begin to describe this anti-democratic process of legislators picking their constituents. We need federal legislation to end gerrymandering now, and a bipartisan or independent commission with checks and balances to ensure that districts are fair and representative of the population. People must know that their interests will never be represented as long as legislators hold the power to draw districts to advantage themselves and harm their political opponents.

I know Hays County Democrats will want to testify on these egregious lines. HCDP will provide hearing information as as soon as it is available.

— Mark Trahan

Chair, Hays County Democratic Party