Help Keep Polling Sites Open

The coronavirus pandemic has created a challenge for our regular crew of poll workers, many of whom are vulnerable to COVID-19 and won’t be able to work at polling locations this fall. And now that the governor has extended early voting by a week, we will need even more people to staff the sites. Without enough people to work at all the polling locations, it is possible that the elections office will reduce the number of sites — and we don’t want that to happen.

You can sign up to work during early voting, Election Day, or both. Poll workers will receive training, and no previous experience is required. It is a paid position, but your main reward will be satisfaction from helping this crucial election go smoothly.

Learn more about the requirements and benefits of working as an election worker on the Hays County elections website. The application form is available online.

If you want to apply, please notify HCDP chair Donna Haschke so we can compile a list of potential workers. You can reach Donna via email at donnahaschke@yahoo.com.

The elections office has implemented the following safety precautions to keep elections workers safe:

  • plexiglass guards/barriers
  • alcohol and disinfectant wipes for equipment
  • gloves for workers and voters
  • logs for tracking sanitizing duties
  • online training on health safety measures
  • diagrams for equipment placement and traffic flow at polling sites
  • social distancing markers
  • limitations on the number of voters inside a polling site