Here Are 5 Priorities for Texans that Abbott Continues to Ignore in Order to Get Trump’s Attention

AUSTIN, Texas — Governor Abbott is outdoing himself on government overreach, attempting to allocate $250 million taxpayer dollars to fund Trump’s already-failed pet project. Texans do not want or need a border wall. However, Texans are facing plenty of issues that need urgent attention — issues that our governor has unfortunately chosen to ignore.

Here are 5 things Abbott should be prioritizing instead of pandering to our failed, twice-impeached ex-president and his far-right base:

  1. While Abbott searches for a project manager to lead the building of a wall no one wants, Texans are still waiting for answers from the state government on any investment in our catastrophically unregulated power grid. Abbott should drop what he’s doing right now and make fixing the grid his top priority — so that Texans never go through a disaster like February’s again.
  2. Nearly 53,000 Texans have died after contracting COVID-19 over the last 15 months. With a dwindling vaccination rate, millions of unvaccinated Texans stand no chance against the Delta COVID-19 variant that’s making way across the U.S. This variant is considered to be more transmissible and deadly to unvaccinated people. The Governor, who is vaccinated himself, should be advocating for more Texans to become fully vaccinated.
  3. It’s time for Texas to join the 21st century by decriminalizing cannabis. In the spring legislative session, the Texas House voted 88-40 in favor of lowering the criminal penalty for cannabis possession. Despite this bipartisan effort, Texas’ despicable Lt. Governor Dan Patrick killed the bill in the Senate — even though Abbott himself initially supported the bill.
  4. If Abbott really cared about the lives of Texans, he would have expanded Medicaid years ago. Nearly a million currently uninsured Texans would become eligible for Medicaid under an expansion, but Abbott and Republicans have stubbornly blocked this common-sense measure — even during an ongoing pandemic. An overwhelming majority of the uninsured are people of color and children.
  5. For generations, historically Black colleges and universities across Texas (HBCUs) have been significantly underfunded by the state’s government compared to other higher education institutions. A 2019 study concluded that UT students receive nearly five times more in government funding than students who attend HBCUs. It’s beyond time that Abbott invested in Texas by fully funding HBCUs and supporting institutions focused on Black and Brown Texans.