ICYMI: Abbott Is Slashing Service Members’ Benefits To Pay For Trump’s Racist Agenda

AUSTIN, Texas — As our state prepares to honor Texans in uniform this Veterans Day, failed and flailing Gov. Greg Abbott is showing service members and veterans exactly how much he prioritizes them: enough to slash tuition benefits for service members in order to pay for Trump’s racist border agenda.

The Army Times recently reported that while Abbott’s infamous Operation Lonestar massively hiked troop levels on the border, Texas simultaneously slashed its tuition assistance budget for service members by more than half — because of a state-mandated budget reduction. According to the Army Times, “The benefit cut for soldiers comes after the Texas legislature provided a $300 million funding boost for the Texas Military Department’s border mission amid a record-high year for Border Patrol apprehensions.” 

The revelation is the latest example of Abbott taking money from Texans to pay for his rightwing agenda and pander to Trump sympathizers ahead of a tough primary. Shamefully, it also falls in line with Trump’s stunning disrespect for service members — a new low, even for Abbott.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Texas Democrats are appalled, but sadly unsurprised, that Greg Abbott — the commander in chief of Texas’ military — is taking money out of our service members’ tuition fund to pay for Trump’s racist border agenda. Helping service members pay for college programs is a key benefit for Texans in uniform — and one way we can show our gratitude for their tremendous service and sacrifice. Abbott just cut that funding in half — because he would rather pander to primary voters and advance his political career than show Texans in uniform the respect they deserve.

“For four long years, our military community was forced to put up with stunning, painful disrespect from Donald Trump. President Biden, a proud military dad, is finally putting a stop to that — but Greg Abbott seems determined to continue devaluing our service members and cutting their benefits. This is shameful. Texans in uniform make infinite sacrifices to serve our state and our country. They deserve our endless respect and gratitude — not the cuts and crumbs Greg Abbott is offering. Our service members deserve better.”