ICYMI: El Paso is the First City in Texas to Reach Herd Immunity Against COVID-19

AUSTIN, Texas — Democratic-led El Paso is the first city in the state to reach herd immunity with more than 75 percent of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The task of protecting residents from a pandemic is arduous enough, but Texans and local officials had to also work around a governor trying to derail any and all progress against the virus.

Before the vaccine became available, Gov. Abbott did everything in his power to stop cities, counties and other local entities from enacting policies to stop the spread of the virus and the sickness and death of fellow Texans.

Choosing to strictly enforce the governor’s executive orders on COVID, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued El Paso County when the Democratic county judge laid out a Stay Home, Work Safe order and attempted to shut down all non-essential businesses for two weeks while local medical facilities were completely overwhelmed and at capacity and local government entities were forced to roll out makeshift morgues.

The Attorney General also sued the City of El Paso and El Paso I.S.D. for enforcing the wearing of face masks amid the raging pandemic.

Gov. Abbott also failed miserably to provide equal vaccine access across the state, even while the racial and ethnic disparities for vaccinations between white and non-whites were atrocious.

Black and Latino Texans trailed behind the white population during Abbott’s disastrous vaccine rollout. Yet, he promised to cut state funding to cities that prioritized communities of color even as he knew they were getting sick and dying at three to four times the rate of their white counterparts.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“In spite of the countless betrayals and ongoing challenges brought forth by our failed governor, Democratic leaders in El Paso never stopped their unwavering commitment to public health and the safety of their community. El Paso has earned the title of the first city in Texas to achieve herd immunity because they have followed the Biden Administration’s and CDC guidance and have chosen to trust proven science-based methods over Republican lies for getting through this pandemic.

“El Pasoans are safer and one step closer to getting out of this pandemic no thanks to Gov. Abbott who abandoned them in their time of need.

“Democrats will continue to do what is right to save lives. With El Paso as a great example of local Democratic leadership, we continue to ask every community in Texas to stay strong, follow the guidance from the CDC and NIH, get their vaccine, and stop listening to false Republican propaganda.”