ICYMI: Greg Abbott Refuses to Fix the Grid, Takes $1 Million Donation from Company that Made Billions Off the Winter Storm Disaster Instead

AUSTIN, Texas — In a recent article by the Texas Observer, Gov. Greg Abbott is once again being called out for working against the interest of Texans.

In the wake of the massive electrical grid failure in February that killed an estimated 700 Texans — including through the worst carbon monoxide poisoning catastrophe in recent U.S. history — and caused an estimated $295 billion in damages, Gov. Abbott did not properly address the failures of his own administration and did even less to prevent a similar catastrophe from happening again.

And even as Abbott demanded legislators come back to Austin for a special session, he left fixing the grid off the agenda. Instead, he’s determined to pass anti-voter laws in Texas — which is already the hardest state in the nation to vote in.

Last month, Energy Transfer Partners founder and executive chairman Kelcy Warren donated a record-setting $1 million dollars to Abbott’s campaign — a big thank you as the pipeline operator profited heavily ($2.4 billion) off the surging natural gas prices during the freeze as power plants ran low on supply. While Abbott donors like Warren raked in profits, millions of people across the state lost power and hundreds of people froze to death in their homes. In the wake of this horrific Republican-made disaster, Abbott and Texas Republican lawmakers did nothing to institute more regulations on the companies that profited from the disaster. Rather, Abbott is cashing their checks, leaving millions of Texans uncertain about the reliability of power in the state.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“We already knew that Abbott and Texas Republicans refuse to act in the best interest of Texans because they are beholden to big corporate donors who lobby against any sort of regulation. But for our governor to accept a $1 million check from the profits that were made on the suffering of millions of Texans, many of whom perished as a result of this disaster, is beyond disgraceful. This latest revelation once again shows that Abbott is out of touch with the lives of everyday Texans and that he is a self-dealing governor. Every Texan should be outraged and demand that he return the check and get to fixing the grid immediately.”