ICYMI: Leaked Video Shows Dark Money Wrote Provisions in Texas’ Voter Suppression Legislation

AUSTIN, Texas — A leaked video of right-wing, dark money group Heritage Action for America shows the group is both funding and writing the provisions of Republican voter suppression laws that are popping up in states across the country, including Texas.

Seeing disenfranchisement as their only route to staying in power, Republican lawmakers have put forward extreme, racist anti-voter bills in key states that saw an increase in Democratic performance during the last election. But they haven’t been doing the work on their own.

Heritage Action has been pouring tens of millions of dollars into passing anti-voter legislation in eight battleground states: Arizona, Nevada, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, and Texas — where the organization actually wrote 19 provisions for Republican-introduced voter suppression legislation.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Republicans know that if every eligible voter makes their voice heard, the GOP will lose. They are working to stop people from voting at any cost and this leaked video is proof of that.

“The GOP lost the presidency, the House, the Senate and a lot of ground in 2020 — but instead of addressing the real problems Texans face, they continue their race to the bottom by appealing to right-wing extremists and putting forward wildly unpopular and discriminatory policies. They are letting outside interests like Heritage Action control them and try to tell Texans how to live and how to vote. It won’t work.

“Democrats are fighting to prevent this massive attack on voting rights and will work to expose the lies fueled by dark money contributions to the Texas GOP. Dark money can’t buy our state. Republicans don’t own Texas, and they can’t stop us from making our voices heard.”