ICYMI Texas Republicans Hired Out-of-State Redistricting Operative to Cheat Voters Out of Fair Representation

AUSTIN, Texas — As Texas lawmakers work this session to redraw the state’s legislative and congressional maps to reflect a decade’s worth of population growth, Texans are being cheated out of fair representation by a disgraced out-of-state redistricting operative hired by Republicans to manipulate and discriminate against communities of color.

Adam Foltz, a key Republican player in an unscrupulous Wisconsin redistricting scandal, has been paid $120,000 by Republican Texas legislators to duplicate the same underhanded tactics here in Texas. Foltz’s activity was so shameful his redistricting maps were thrown out by a Federal Court for blatantly cutting out Latino communities from Wisconsin districts. Meanwhile, his activities cost Wisconsin taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees — and are almost certain to do the same in Texas.

The recent Census showed people of color accounted for 95% of Texas population growth since 2010, or about 4 million new residents — with Texas Latinos driving over 50% of that growth. However, in the current GOP-led redistricting process, Texans are getting more majority-white districts — true to the Texas GOP’s long history of gerrymandering Black and Latino Texans out of their right to representation. Now, this backwards process is being led by a professional redistricting fraudster with a consistent track record of diluting the voices within communities of color.

These blatant attempts by Republicans to strip away Texans’ freedom to choose their representatives will almost certainly disproportionately affect Latino voters, who have already been targeted with new restrictive voting laws.  


Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“I am infuriated, but not surprised, to learn of this recent attack on Black and Brown Texans. Republicans know that they cannot win fairly, so they are now using tactics and operatives who specialize in unfair redistricting practices.

“Texas Latino’s accounted for an overwhelming majority of our state’s population growth in the last decade. This is disgraceful and Texans will not tolerate this attempt to dull the voices of our largest and fastest-growing population in Texas. Our Latino voters are a powerful force in this state and this is just another way for Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans to silence those who do not look or vote the way they do.  

“Real leaders put people first — not their personal agenda and political gain. Texans deserve better than unethical Republican politicians, and Texas Democrats are doing everything we can to send their ring leader Abbott packing next November.”