ICYMI, Tough Times for Texas Republicans: Paxton Hemorrhaging Donors As Abbott Bleeds Influential Primary Support

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democrats are stronger and more united than ever as they round out their second week of resistance in D.C. The delegation met Thursday with former Congressman Beto O’Rourke and welcomed a major donation from Powered by People to help Texas Democrats hold out in D.C., in a powerful example of the grassroots support driving Democrats’ resistance efforts. As part of an ongoing voting rights convention alongside Mi Familia Vota and SEIU Texas, the delegation also met Thursday and Friday with leading organizers from Texas and other battleground states, vocal voting rights advocate Congressman Lloyd Doggett, Rev. Dr. William Barber II, state lawmakers from around the country, and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus — in a testament to the growing coalition driving national momentum for voting rights.

The same cannot be said for Texas Republicans. On Thursday, the Houston Chronicle broke the news that indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton’s “donors are defecting to his challengers and taking big money with them.” Paxton has spent his entire six years in office under indictment for securities fraud, and has also been under FBI investigation for abuse of office since 2020. Perhaps the years of blatant illegal activity and refusal to do his job are finally catching up with him.

Meanwhile, failed and flailing Gov. Greg Abbott is facing political woes of his own. Despite the governor’s strategy of swinging even further to the right to drum up primary support from an extreme-right base — and trampling on Texans’ rights, safety, and health in the process — Abbott’s primary opponents, Allen West and Don Huffines, gained high-profile endorsements this week. Earlier this week, disgraced Rep. Kyle Biedermann endorsed West in a sign of a growing secessionist caucus among Texas Republicans, while influential and extreme-right Senator Rand Paul threw his backing behind Huffines. Let the infighting continue.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“The Texas Republican Party looks more like a soap opera with every passing day, and it’s not pretty. Ken Paxton’s six years under indictment and his persistent illegal dealings seem to be finally catching up with him, as he is hemorrhaging support from donors. Meanwhile, Greg Abbott continues to pursue a strategy of swinging further right and throwing Texans under the bus — but his extreme-right opponents are still picking up key endorsements in a soap opera-style Republican primary.

“Texas Republicans are weak and worried about their prospects of holding onto power — while Democrats are stronger than ever. With the leadership of our delegation fighting for voting rights in D.C., we are growing a massive coalition fighting for the rights and voices of Texans. Every day from now until the November 2022 elections, we will be fighting to defeat Republicans and get Texans the strong Democratic leadership they need and deserve in our state’s highest office.”