It’s Back to Smoke and Mirrors for Republicans Playing Politics on the Border

AUSTIN, Texas — A Republican delegation of 10 members of Congress led by Rep. Steve Scalise (LA-01) visited the border in McAllen Thursday to try to score political points at the expense of asylum-seekers fleeing dire conditions in Central America.

Scalise joins disgraced Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republicans in their attempts to use the Texas border and weaponize the struggles of asylum-seekers in a meek attempt to score political points against the Biden Administration, whose approval ratings are surging. Every single member of the GOP in both the House and Senate voted against the President’s massively popular American Relief Plan which has had tremendous success in vaccinating Americans against COVID-19, extending paycheck protection programs, putting cash in the hands of millions of Americans, and giving the necessary resources to schools and businesses.

The Trump Administration, along with Congressional Republicans, did everything in their power to tear down the U.S. immigration system during the last four years. Republicans stayed silent as Donald Trump inflicted mass cruelty on thousands of children and families who were following our country’s legal process, as well as international law, in asking for asylum in the United States.

Unlike Trump, the Biden-Harris Administration is taking the situation at the border seriously and actually has a plan to deal with immigration stemming from the crisis in Central America.


The Biden-Harris plan calls for, above all else, a fair and humane process for migrants. It also includes:

  • Investing in Central America to address the root causes of migration 
  • Establishing refugee processing in the Northern Triangle within Central America
  • Strengthening and supporting U.S. humanitarian response in the region
  • Creating legal channels for people to migrate from Central America
  • Installing more technology and infrastructure on the border for a more efficient and humane migrant processing 


Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa issued a statement:

“Republicans enabled Donald Trump’s racist and disastrous approach to immigration and stayed silent as the Trump Administration committed thousands of human rights violations by separating young children from their parents as a deterrent from legally seeking asylum in the United States. They have offered no solutions and instead have been the source for our problems in the immigration system.

“Republicans have not only been silent during the past four years, but they have obstructed all bipartisan efforts for comprehensive immigration reform, including voting against the DREAM Act, DACA, and DAPA. They completely dismantled our immigration system in the last four years, and have sued both the previous Obama-Biden Administration and the current Biden-Harris Administration to stop protections and a pathway to citizenship for migrants living in the United States.

“Republicans could be part of the solution by joining Democrats to provide proper resources and pass comprehensive immigration reform instead of sabotaging our efforts. But they don’t care about these migrants. Their pathetic photo ops on the Rio Grande and using children for political props while shedding crocodile tears is not only shameful but deeply offensive to the millions of families fighting for legal protection under the law as well as allies and lawmakers working to fix this situation.”