Julie Oliver Launches Democratic Primary Campaign for U.S. House of Representatives

Austin – Julie Oliver has announced her candidacy in the Democratic Primary for U.S. House of Representatives in Congressional District 25.

“Texans are big-hearted, hard-working, diverse, generous and inspired people. It’s time for Congress to represent real Texans,” Oliver says. “For too long, self-serving rhetoric and opportunistic extremism have divided our country and our state. We’re facing a stalemate in Congress where nothing of any substance is getting accomplished.”

Oliver believes that for Congress to return to an institution that is functional and reflective of the people it is supposed to serve, unaccountable corporate and special interest money must be removed from Congress. Oliver’s people-centered campaign is powered by small, individual donations, and to fund it she has set up a CrowdPac page, a non-partisan, independent platform outside of the traditional Party system.

“Politicians have become totally obsessed with their own re-election. Unfortunately, the means to those re-elections is PACs and corporations and special interests who have business before those members’ committees of jurisdiction. Congress needs to work for us, not corporations.”

She adds that “The time is now. We very urgently have to get Congress back to working on things that matter to real Texans, and make things right for our state and our country.”

With a law degree, expertise in tax policy, and as a successful finance executive in the healthcare industry, Oliver holds a unique set of skills and accomplishments, and plans to make affordable healthcare a focus of her campaign. Oliver believes healthcare should be equally available for everyone, and she plans to work for healthcare coverage for everyone in Texas and across the country, Part of that will entail ensuring that rural hospitals–important not just for providing healthcare, but for providing jobs so Texans can provide for their families–are getting the support they need.

Additional goals include instituting term limits, ending partisan gerrymandering, honoring our commitment to veterans by improving the VA, and eliminating administrative bloat, so that budgets will stop ballooning out of control with little public discussion or oversight.

Oliver never envisioned a career in politics. A working mom, she lives in Austin and in her spare time volunteers with Meals on Wheels, attends Riverbend Church, and teaches yoga. During the week she sits on a board whose focus is delivering healthcare to poor and low-income families in Travis County. She loves spending time with her family and her pets. So why is she running for Congress?

Oliver says, “I know most parents in our state and across the country would agree with me that our kids are our conscience. One day, our kids are going to ask us what we did when everything was on the line for this country. Now is that time and we all have to step up and fight for what’s right.”

Please visit https://www.JulieforTexas25.com to find out more.