KABB: ‘It kills me inside…’ Retired veteran calls on U.S. to rescue Afghan-Americans

SAN ANTONIO – A Retired Army Veteran, born in Afghanistan, is calling on President Joe Biden and congressional leaders to come up with a plan to evacuate Afghan-Americans left behind.

“He should come up with a plan to evacuate these people and get them out because their life is in great danger,” the veteran said.

He fears for his wife.

She, like hundreds of others, didn’t make it out of the war-torn country before the deadline.

“In April, I made a decision to end this war,” President Biden said as he stands his ground behind his decision about Afghanistan and putting an end to a two-decades-long war.

But its end comes at the cost of both American and Afghan lives.

“I’m numb, honestly, it kills me inside,” the veteran said. “I feel disgusted. I feel betrayed.”

Feelings of desperation and pain the veteran says are part of the battle he’s now fighting, knowing hundreds were left behind in Kabul.

We’re protecting his identity because his wife is one of the hundreds still trying to evacuate and escape the Taliban he helped fight.

“I served in the military and last year again I went to the contract and I was with SOCOM guess what I was involved in all those night raids, every single night we go out and we hunt Taliban,” the veteran said.

Q – What was it like for her trying to get to the airport?

A – ” It was a nightmare,”

His wife wasn’t able to make it on a plane.

“The bottom line, 90% of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave, were able to leave,” President Biden said.

President Biden says operation allied rescue evacuated more than 5,500 Americans, but the veteran says many were left behind.

“I want the government to know that a lot of Afghans, that they are Afghan Americans, they are Afghans with the green card, or visas or SI V’s. So, they’re also left behind. Plus, our own Americans, and most of the people if the President says they choose to stay. No, nobody will choose to stay in that kind of situation. Because you every single minute you’re waiting for death. And you cannot trust the Taliban,” he said.

He turned to us, asking for help to get his wife whom he married last July out of Afghanistan.

The veteran says after their ceremony he returned and immediately started working on getting her a visa, everything was lining up until it wasn’t.

“She never made it her interview, like it never got scheduled, there are a lot of people in the line because you know their visa cat got canceled because of the COVID,” the veteran said.

They didn’t give up despite the suicide blast, he filed a U.S Repatriation Assistance Form, granting him an e-visa allowing her to get into the airport with both of their documents, but that didn’t happen.

His biggest concern now, the danger she faces if the Taliban recognizes her.

“Their way of prosecution is a bullet. They will just kill you. They will torture you until you die or they will kill you,” the veteran said.

Tonight we’ve helped the veteran connect with Congressman Joaquin Castro and Senator John Cornyn.

We also heard from Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s office, who told us they’re advocating on behalf of more than 100 families seeking evacuation from Afghanistan.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens.

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