Kathi Thomas announces her candidacy for Texas Congressional District 25

Kathi Thomas ran for CD25 in 2016. She spent a time getting to know the District and the people. That work will serve us well this time around. Kathi has lived in the Austin area for almost 35 years, and is a native Texan, with roots in Texas back to before Texas was a state. She is a product of Texas public schools and a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, where she was a member of the Longhorn Band. She has been active in progressive politics for many years, volunteering for both Howard Dean and Barack Obama. Kathi was a Precinct Chair in Hays County for eight years until she stepped down to run for Congress.

Kathi is a public education activist, and an advocate for equality. She listens to the District, and knows that its strength is in its diversity with different issues important to different sectors. In the more rural areas, small hospitals are lifelines. Medicaid cuts, supported by her opponent will close many of them adding the insult of unemployment to lack of healthcare accessibility.

Thomas knows that affordable access to medical care can save lives. Her mother served as a county school nurse for many years. Kathi saw the impact she made, helping families who didn’t have easy access to doctors. Kathi supports Medicare for all, with a phased-in buy in, so that people have the choice to stay with for-profit insurance companies, or move to the government administered non-profit sector over time.

Kathi is active in public education in Dripping Springs where her daughter attends high school. She believes strongly in the importance of top-quality public education. She supports a parent’s right to educate their child as they see fit, but believes tax dollars should be set aside for public schools, which educate all children, turning no one away.

Kathi lives in Hays County, halfway between Dripping Springs and Austin, with her college sweetheart husband, their daughter, and sister Marilynn, who is disabled. She and her husband are small business owners. Additionally, her husband and brother-in-law run a family company that has been a Texas success since 1948.

Kathi and her family are active members of Central Presbyterian Church. They take to heart the adage that community work for the “least of these” matters to society and makes all Americans better and stronger.

The official kick-off event is Sunday, Aug. 20 at Trudy’s Four Star, 3-5 PM. See website or Facebook page to RSVP.

For more information: KathiForCongress.com or Kathi for Congress on Facebook.