Kathy Cheng, Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 6

Kathy Cheng, a graduate of South Texas College of Law Houston, is an attorney in private practice who has advocated for her clients for nearly two decades in the Greater Houston area.  At the age of nine, Kathy’s parents and the four children immigrated to the United States from their native country due to political uncertainty.  Having witnessed the injustice of political oppression, Kathy understands that to achieve equality and fairness, one must have a voice, thus leading her to volunteer with various non-profit organizations to educate citizens of the importance of having a voice through the power of voting in every election.

Besides being a full-time advocate for her client, civically engaged in her community and full-time single mom to her children, Isabelle-11, London-5, and Ethan-3, Kathy is also campaigning for office for Justice Place 6 of the Texas Supreme Court.  She is running for office because there is a dire need for diversity on the highest court of this state.  The Texas Supreme Court is composed of a panel of nine justices, and for almost a quarter of a century, that panel have consisted of all Republicans.  Because that court interprets the law for all Texans, electing justices of diverse background is crucial to the impartiality of the judicial system.  As someone who believes in equality and fairness and that justice for all shall truly mean justice for everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, faith, gender, age, race, sexual orientation, or disability, Kathy became the first Asian American female to run for this statewide race in 2018 and came within four points of winning that position.  Her passion for justice and her “advocate for all” spirit have inspired not only citizens across Texas but also citizens of the sister states and foreign citizens abroad.

Like her 2018 campaign, Kathy is once again traveling the 254 counties to reach voters, especially rural counties because irrespective of the county population, every citizen’s voice matters.  In addition, knowing that local candidates’ races are equally important to the statewide races, Kathy advocates for citizens to vote up the ballot as opposed to downballot.  “History was made in 2018 and with the slate of so many passionate candidates on the 2020 ballot, across the State of Texas, I am confident that we will once again make history in 2020.  Vote up the ballot and vote every position.  Vote Kathy Cheng for Justice Place 6 of the Texas Supreme Court.  Cheng for Change!  Cheng for Change!  Cheng for Change!

Website: www.chengforjustice.com