KBAD Candidate Forum

Kyle Buda Area Democrats host candidate forum

Kyle Buda Area Democrats (KBAD) hosted a fun and informative candidate forum on Sunday, Nov. 5th. Candidates in attendance included Derrick Crowe for TX-21, Elliott McFadden for TX-21, Mary Wilson for TX-21, Jeffrey Payne for Texas Governor, Steven Kling for Texas Senate – Dist 11, Erin Zwiener for Texas House – Dist 45. Democratic candidates in Hays County are ready to take back local, state, and national offices and to send a message that it’s time to put the average citizen’s priorities front and center.

Among the hot topics discussed were health care, climate change, campaign finance reform, the environment, corporate responsibility, education reform, and the need to stand up to an out-of-control White House.

For more information on KBAD visit https://www.facebook.com/KBADems/ or stop by at a monthly KBAD meeting. Special thanks to Judy Burns, Donna Haschke (Pct Chair 226 – Buda), and Peter Sprouse (Pct Chair 232 – Buda) for organizing the event.