LaVonia Horne-Williams: Candidate for Buda City Council, At-Large Position 3

LaVonia Horne-WilliamsLaVonia Horne-Williams is a 20 year resident of Buda. Her five children attended area schools. “I am an active member of the Buda community in support of establishing a sense of leadership, sharing valuable knowledge and experience, and fostering an environment of community.

“Professionally, I have more than 20 years of experience in managing teams, operations, and personnel at the local, state government, and private industry levels. I have worked in business development, small/minority/women-owned business programs, workforce development, contracting and construction. I am a graduate of California State University-East Bay, Hayward, CA, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy. I also hold a Master of Arts in legal studies from Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.”

HCDP: What is your main reason for seeking this elected office?

LH-W: My main reason for seeking this office is to help marshal in new ideas and approaches to resolving important governmental issues in a pragmatic way.

HCDP: Should you be elected, what are your top three priorities for this office?

LH-W: My top three priorities, should I be elected, are bringing more federal and state dollars back to Buda, equitable access to City amenities for East Buda, and finding ways to get Buda moving by helping resolve the issues of traffic congestion.

HCDP: Based on the new census data, in your opinion, do you believe the city has addressed progressive and equitable growth? Why or why not?

LH-W: I believe that the City is working to address progressive and equitable growth. But it’s going to take us being intentional and measured in our efforts to bring about the changes needed.

HCDP: Based on the new census data, has the City of Buda, done enough to meet the needs of a diverse population? Why or why not?

LH-W: I believe that the City has made efforts to meet the needs of diverse populations but more work is needed. We’ve made a good start, but more work is needed.

HCDP: If elected, what will you do to address infrastructure inequities in Buda?

LH-W: I plan to foster partnerships with other local entities to support Capital Improvements related to infrastructure.

HCDP: Do you believe the City of Buda has responded appropriately to the COVID pandemic?

LH-W: I believe that given the magnitude of this pandemic, the City has approached it with thought and measured decisions to do the best under the given parameters.

HCDP: What are your priorities for the role of council member or mayor?

LH-W: My priorities for the role of council member are to represent the citizens of Buda, listen to the citizens of Buda, and be a

servant leader to Buda.

HCDP: How do you differentiate yourself against the other candidates?

LH-W: I have experience serving on several boards and commissions. I’ve seen our City grow from seven thousand residents to

over eighteen thousand and I have experience in state and local government.

HCDP: How do you plan to stay in communication with the voters who elected you once you are in office?

LH-W: I plan to stay connected through my website, email and social media.

HCDP: What will you do to support the quality of life for LGBTQ+ folks, immigrant communities and people experiencing homelessness in City of Buda?

LH-W: I plan to support the quality of life for all citizens of Buda. I would be open to meeting and hearing what the needs are and coming up with ways to support equity.

HCDP: Can you commit to mentoring young progressives into the Hays County Democratic Party?

LH-W: Yes.

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