Lisa Prewitt, Commissioner, Precinct 3

Our Community, Our Future

I’ve lived in Hays for over 20 years.  I’ve raised a family and built a business here.  With growth comes challenges and the future of our community will depend on the decisions we make TODAY.

Water Conservation

For too long our leaders have treated water as an unlimited commodity as opposed to a life giving and scarce resource.  Our water belongs to the community and its citizens and future generations not the special interests and big water companies.  As Commissioner, I’ll fight for your rights and not the water grabbing special interests.

Criminal Justice Reform

We cannot afford business as usual in our criminal justice system.  Our new multi-million dollar jail is already too small to hold our County’s inmates.  We need a comprehensive system of reform and rehabilitation that keeps low level non violent offenders out of jail and in the workforce.

Public Health + COVID-19

COVID-19 has taught telemedicine platforms are a viable and efficient tool to our health care needs. We can use this medical platform, along with a sliding scale, for our residents to treat non emergencies and still shift “budgetary unnecessary overspending .” We must also expand COVID-19 testing and contact tracing from the beginning.

Transportation & Infrastructure

I will ensure that we are proactive in planning out our infrastructure where growth makes the most sense. We cannot continue to allow unrestricted development to be the only guiding force. Our community and our environmental capacity should be the main voice on where future growth occurs.

Flood Mitigation

We will not solve our flooding problems until we approach the problem from a REGIONAL perspective. I will look where the problems start and they are at headwaters, impervious cover and new development. I’m going to reach out to regional partners using a fresh approach to create new tools to save lives and property.

Join our Campaign and let’s do this together.