New Lows of Racism From Dan Patrick As GOP COVID-19 Mismanagement Kills Black & Brown Texans

AUSTIN, Texas — Last night on Fox News, despicable Dan Patrick hit a new low of racism and disinformation, coming out with the disgusting, racist, and patently false claim that Black Texans are somehow responsible for the state’s current surge of COVID-19. Further, instead of doing the decent thing and apologizing for these shameful statements, Patrick took to Twitter Friday to double down on his outrageous and harmful claims. On top of the sheer heinous racism of these comments, it is stunning that our Lt. Governor had the gall to suggest that the blame for this surge lies anywhere other than with himself and his fellow state leaders — given the Republican state government’s track record of doing everything in its power to let this virus kill Texans.

As a refresher, here are just a few of the ways Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and Ken Paxton’s actions have led directly to the deaths of 55,000 Texans and the suffering of millions more:

Patrick’s shameful comments underscore the fact that Black and Latino communities have borne the brunt of Abbott’s mismanagement of the pandemic — seeing by far the worst COVID-19 outcomes in Texas. Racial health and economic disparities existed long before the pandemic began, but Abbott’s disastrous response to the emergency and his purposeful refusal to allow local health authorities, school districts and governments to take further preventative action have made those disparities grow wider and deeper:

  • A third of all COVID-19 deaths in Texas are attributed to racial health disparities.
  • Abbott’s disastrous vaccine rollout meant that white Texans were vaccinated at six times the rate of Black Texans and twice the rate of Latinos until President Biden made the vaccines more accessible across the country.
  • The governor even threatened counties that sought to remedy this issue by prioritizing vulnerable communities of color who had lower vaccination rates and higher chances of contracting the virus, needing hospitalization and dying.

Texas Democratic Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Dan Patrick’s comments are disgusting, racist, and deplorable — shamefully placing blame on Black and Brown Texans despite Texas Republicans’ abysmal track record on COVID-19. Texas Republicans had the opportunity to help Texans access the vaccine, but have proven that they will stop at nothing to shift responsibility for the failure in leadership during this pandemic. No one is under any illusion that the blame for this surge lies anywhere other than with Greg Abbott. And as our disgraced and dangerous Republican state leaders continue to peddle their racist lies, Texans continue to die every single day because of Republican callousness.

“It did not have to be this bad. At every single step in this pandemic, our Republican state leaders have had a choice: take action to save lives, or do nothing and let Texans die. And every single time, they chose to let Texans suffer. COVID-19 is surging in Texas today because Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and Republican politicians are simply unwilling to do their one job: keep Texans safe. Texas deserves better.”