Omar Baca for Hays County Commissioner Precinct 4

It is my vision to set a high standard of availability responsiveness and respect to ALL Hays constituents. I would like to push the role to build on the culture of our community that would resonate as part of our identity. We, as a county, are in the adolescence of our growth. If we embrace our natural traits of being tough, gritty, and yet kind people, we will grow in many ways. We will create a foundation of respect for our Veterans, a Culture of Conservation, and strong culture of volunteerism that supports non-profit organizations that are responsive and supportive to our community. In my vision for Hays County, it will be a place where a person with a dream and strong work ethic can start a business and know the county is supportive of that dream. We will have a county that we can be proud of.

We, in Hays County, have been known to embody a stereotype of being direct and not to be messed with. Through the challenges we have faced from floods, tornados, drought and fires, we have proven that we will always come together from left to right to dust our neighbors off and pick them back up. We embrace those who come here to share our vision and our dream that this amazing place, Hays County, is a place that we can be proud to call home.