On International Youth Day, Governor Abbott Doubles Down On Preventing Texas Communities from Keeping Kids Safe From Deadly Virus

AUSTIN, Texas — International Youth Day is a holiday designated by the United Nations to call attention to the difficulties children face across the globe. Today, on International Youth Day, it is clear that what Texas children most desperately need is protection from the actions of our governor.

Millions of Texas’ kids are being forced into dangerous and dire situations across the state as they head back to in-person schooling this school year. It was reported this week that Travis County has set a pandemic record for the most patients in hospital ICUs for COVID-19. As Covid-19 cases surge and the number of children hospitalized with the virus continues to rise, public health experts and medical professionals are sounding the alarm. Meanwhile, Gov. Abbott is standing firm on his ban against mask mandates in schools and intends to continue his overreach by fighting local counties and school districts in court while children and communities suffer.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“It’s time for the Governor to do what’s right and give local elected officials and health authorities the power to protect their communities. Our governor is playing political games with children’s lives. This cannot be a political issue.

“Abbott has left our youth exposed to one of the deadliest viruses our world has ever seen. I applaud the local leaders, local governments, schools, parents, teachers, and students who are speaking out against Gov. Abbott’s reckless ban on health precautions intended to keep our kids safe this school year.

“The difficult times we are enduring cannot be made worse by our children getting sick because of a maleficent politician, hell-bent on jeopardizing the health and safety of us all. Texas deserves better, and Texas children sure as hell don’t deserve Gov. Greg Abbott.”