Progressive Austin Attorney Launches Congressional Campaign to Unseat Rep. Roger Williams

MAJOR CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT: Chris Perri announces he will challenge Rep. Roger Williams for TX-25

MAJOR CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT: Chris Perri announces he will challenge Rep. Roger Williams for TX-25

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October 19, 2017

Austin, TX:

When I reflect on why I launched my campaign for Congress back on May 1st, I recall one motivation: making Texans’ lives better. Meeting the wonderful people of District 21 and hearing their stories has solidified that it was one of the best decisions of my life (other than asking Shannon to marry me back in 2012).

Last Thursday, when District 25 Representative Roger Williams voted to deny federal aid to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, whose homes and lives were devastated by Hurricane Maria, I felt enraged. Heck, even Lamar Smith voted for Puerto Rican aid.

This moment was a wake-up call.

We can’t let Williams get away with this—an attack on one is an attack on all. District 25 needs a bold, progressive candidate in the race. Our central Texas community deserves it, which is why, after talking at length with my family, I’ve decided that the best decision for the people of Texas is to challenge Roger Williams in 2018.

It’s been a very difficult choice because I love the people of District 21. Their support and energy have deeply moved me. But what makes the decision easier is knowing they’re in good hands. I have no doubt that the strong field of Democratic candidates in District 21 is taking Lamar Smith to task for his corruption and heartless “representation.” And though I’m confident that I would defeat Smith, there are other voices in that race who can also prevail.

I don’t feel the same about District 25. For true change to sweep across Texas, we must put District 25 in play for the 2018 elections. The reality of gerrymandering in Austin is that Districts 21 and 25 are intertwined. The districts share a community, and both deserve a strong, progressive fighter on their side—this will help us all. While it’s not easy to alter course after forging meaningful bonds with the people of District 21, at this critical time for our nation, we must make sacrifices to save our democracy by unseating as many corrupt politicians as possible. We’re answering that call in District 25.

Perri released an online YouTube video announcing his candidacy, and his campaign website is located at www.chrisperrifortexas.com.