Sign Up for HCDP Voter Outreach and VAN Training

Tool is a key part of activating our voter base

Saturday May 8, HCDP will be kicking off a training series on precinct organizing, voter outreach, and VAN (the Democratic party voter database and platform for organizing.)

These sessions are open to HCDP precinct chairs and interested volunteers. Attendees do not need a VAN account set up to register.

The training sessions will be held virtually from Noon-1:15 PM every other Saturday from May 8, 2021 through July 24 (skipping July 4th weekend.) Additional training dates are:

Sat, May 22 12-1:15

Sat, June 5 12-1:15

Sat, June 19 12-1:15

Sat, July 10 12-1:15

Sat, July 24 12-1:15

The information covered and timeline may be adjusted based on the needs and interests of attendees. Additional small group help will be available as needed. More detailed information on the specific topics covered in each section and featured speakers will be emailed to registrants ahead of each session.

Topic Overview
– Intro to Precinct Organizing & Available Tools (including VAN)
– Organizing Your Voters (3 part series, including basics of VAN and MiniVAN)
– Voter Outreach During Different Phases of the Election Cycle
– Finding & Organizing Your Volunteers
– Organizing Voter Registration & Voter Outreach Events
– Advanced VAN