Take Action: Help Block Republicans’ Gerrymandered Maps

The Republicans that control the Hays County Commissioners Court have proposed two redistricting maps that are shocking in their naked attempt to retain power for Republican members of the court.

The Republican members of the Commissioners Court intend to ram through their extreme partisan maps tomorrow, Tuesday, November 9.

The Republicans on the court essentially threw out the hard work of the Redistricting Advisory Committee (RAC), instead commissioning two maps that reject the balanced interests of the RAC M9 map. Worse, the precinct populations in both proposed Commissioners maps are more unbalanced than either the M9 map or the SM2 map proposed by the RAC.
The commissioners proposed maps:
  • Blatantly pack minority populations into Precinct 1 and Anglo populations into Precincts 3 & 4, while reducing Hispanic voters in Precinct 2.
  • Overpopulate Precincts 1 & 2 in BOTH maps, insuring the votes in “minority” precincts carry less weight than the votes in Anglo heavy precincts,
  • Slice up multiple communities of interest including dozens of existing voting precincts and the City of Kyle, which under the Commissioners map would be served by three different precincts (vs two precincts under the balanced M9 Map), and
  • Construct a massive Precinct 3 that covers more than half the landmass of Hays County.
We cannot let the Republicans on the Hays County Commissioners Court carve up Hays County like a Thanksgiving turkey!
Contact your Commissioner by 5 PM MONDAY, NOV 8!  Tell them to adopt RAC Map M9 and reject the extreme partisan gerrymandering and the inevitable lawsuit that will result, needlessly costing Hays County taxpayers money! Specifically, Map M9:
  • Retains Precinct 1 as the traditional minority opportunity precinct,
  • Creates a new majority minority Hispanic precinct in Precinct 2.
  • Creates boundaries based on clean, rational lines, such as rivers, creeks and major thoroughfares,
  • Keeps existing communities of interest together to the greatest possible degree (such as Hispanic communities east of the I-35 corridor, high-growth areas of Buda and Dripping Springs, and Texas State University), and
  • Draws non-gerrymandered, compact precincts that keeps geographical neighbors together.
Contact information for the Commissioners is:


To learn more about the proposed maps and the Redistricting Advisory Committee, visit https://hayscountytx.com/hays-county-redistricting-advisory-commission-2021-2/