Take action: Help Rep. Zwiener’s bills become law

Representative Erin Zwiener has multiple bills that are currently in the hearing process. These bills offer alternative writing assessments for Texas students, create an incentive for nature-based infrastructure projects, allow Texas homeowners to pay their property taxes quarterly instead of annually, create a hotel occupancy for Blanco County, expand the number of communities eligible to use their hotel occupancy tax revenue for dark skies programs, and gives high-growth counties more control over the siting of rock quarries and other aggregate production operations.

This is a legislative update and a call to action for increasing the potential of passing these bills.

HB 2344:  Heard in Public Education Committee yesterday.  They are working on corrections now.  The bill will be up for a vote, perhaps next week.

HB 2342:  Referred to Ways and Means Committee.  Not yet scheduled a hearing

HB 2350:  Was heard yesterday in Natural Resources Committee.  It is up for a vote, unknown when.

HB 2422:  Referred to Environmental Regulation Committee.  No scheduled hearing yet.

HB 2433:   Referred to Ways and Means Committee.  Pending having a hearing.

HB 2345:  Referred to Ways and Means.  Pending a hearing.

HB 3560: In Business Industry Committee.  Hope to have a hearing by next week.

If you would like to assist in pushing these bills forward, consider testifying or call the committee directly to encourage hearings on these bills.

For more information, please visit https://house.texas.gov/news/press-releases/?id=7379